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On the rebound? Don’t worry

March 31st, 2006

Dr Petra

New research from the University of Utah suggests the old advice not to rush into a new relationship after a break-up may not be right.

A study by Nicholas Wolfinger from the Department of Family and Consumer Studies has found that those who marry on the rebound are no more likely to see their second marriage fail than those who wait in between relationships.

The researchers said often people are told not to have a second marriage quickly after a first, and such behaviour is interpreted as being too keen, desperate or not looking hard enough for a new partner.

The study involved analysis of 1,171 adults from the National Survey of Families and Household’s data to assess if the time elapsed between divorce and remarriage had a bearing on the stability of that remarriage.

The researchers argue that different people recover from separation and divorce at different rates, and some may be ready to enter a new relationship more quickly than others.

This study’s interesting since it offers an alternative perspective on the traditional approach to relationship break-ups, and more importantly allows for people to have and make choices when it comes to remarriage. All too often journalists who call experts on rebound stories are seeking quotes that show ‘rushing’ into a new relationship is a recipe for disaster. Now we have the first definitive study to say it may not be that clear cut.

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