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Playing politics with sex workers

October 17th, 2008

Dr Petra

Dr Belinda Brooks Gordon, a psychologist and expert in prostitution research has written an excellent Comment Is Free piece in The Guardian entitled Playing politics with sex workers. It’s well worth a read as it provides an overview of recent political discussions on prostitution and shoddy prostitution research. As well as Belinda’s commentary I’d recommend you also read the responses to her piece which are very interesting in terms of how people understand issues of prostitution, research and politics.

You may also want to see a recent review of the flawed Big Brothel research as reported by Anthea Lipsett in Guardian Education which sets out further some of the arguments Belinda raises – and also invites a response from the Big Brothel report authors.

And while you’re at it, check out this sensitively handled interview with an ex sex worker reflecting on prostitution courtesy of True Tube


I’ll be returning to this story next week as there are some issues about our challenge to the dubious Big Brothel study that need unpacking, but for now please consider some of Beldinda’s arguments and if you feel strongly about this issue do add your views via the Guardian site.

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