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Renaming the hymen – fantastic new resource explains women’s bodies

December 22nd, 2009

Dr Petra

vagina flower

The Swedish Association for Sexuality Education has produced a fantastic new resource all about the hymen, which calls for the hymen to be renamed as the ‘vaginal corona’. This is in response to a fair amount of ignorance about the hymen and virginity – which has caused problems for women and intimate relationships (particularly in countries where virginity is put at a premium).

The booklet is available in several languages including English, Arabic, and Sorani. The guides are designed to describe what female genitals look like, what the vaginal corona (hymen) is, and to challenge myths around virginity and female sexuality.

Best of all, they’re sex positive, clear, and free. So if you’re working in sex education, activism or outreach then you’ll definitely want to use these resources in your work. I’d recommend them to you even if you think you know a lot about female sexuality, virginity and female anatomy. Many of my colleagues who’ve been researching and educating on sex and relationships have been amazed how much they’ve learned from this booklet.

While you’re enjoying the resource linked above you might want to also check out other parts of the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education’s website which is a treasure trove of sex positive (and free) resources. My favourites include Dicktionary (about the male body and desire) and Pussypedia (about the female genitals and pleasure) and a guide to clitoral sex. There’s also a whole slew of resources, teaching guides and articles, an amazing sex FAQ section. And this wonderful film ‘Talking about sex’ which describes how sex education programmes can help change boys and men’s inaccurate views about sex, improve relationships, and tackle gender inequalities.

Feel free to share this information and support the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education – showing the rest of the world sex positive education at its best.

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