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Science and sex stuff 17/10/07

October 17th, 2007

Dr Petra

Here are some of the sex/science stories that caught my attention recently. Click on the blue titles to read the full story….

Second reading of Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill – critical views needed
Recently we’ve seen the second reading of the CJIB. Within the bill there are issues relating to prostitution and pornography. Many sex workers, academics and health care staff are concerned about the way prostitution is being described – and the push towards using the Swedish model of controlling prostitution which has not been proven to work effectively and puts sex workers at risk. In relation to pornography there are major worries about the vagueness of the definitions around ‘extreme’ or ‘violent’ porn and the implications this will have for people’s safety around sexual materials. Fortunately people are responding to the bill in the hope of providing the Home Office with accurate and evidence based information. I’ll keep you updated on how the CIJB develops.

Abortion enquiry asks scientists to be more transparent

The UK inquiry into termination of pregnancy has requested doctors to disclose more about themselves – particularly their faith. It seems many scientists submitting information to the inquiry had not revealed their close involvement with relgious anti abortion groups.

People read sex blogs to get more nookie?

Some media analysts are arguing that people read sex blogs in order to get more sex. Which may be true in part, but assumes sex blogs only tackle saucy issues. Which of course some sex blogs do. But there are others that talk about sex problems, people’s sex lives, sexual health, working in the sex industry and provide sex advice. So while some people read sex blogs to feel sexy there are others who consult them to have answers to questions or reduce anxiety.

Ladies and gentlemen – introducing DeafBunny!

There are loads of porn sites out there, but not many of them cater for people with disabilities. DeafBunny is an exciting new site which features porn by deaf performers. Dialogue is signed and subtitled, and they also have a signed sex advice site – so if you’ve any sex questions you want a signed answer to get asking them now!

GI Jonny in hot water

You may remember GI Jonny from last week. The raunchy and rude sex advice site that accompanies the BBC’s HIV and Me series has been slammed by parents groups and religious organisations. Which probably guarantees the site will appeal to young people.

When a microbicide trial goes wrong
Here’s a shocking account of a mircobicide trial that didn’t work out the way researchers hoped and in the process put the health of participants at risk. It raises questions about the ethics of sex research, the safety of trials but most importantly has implications for future studies since if trials have negative implications people won’t want to participate – which means we can’t find solutions to health problems that are destroying communities.

Seduced – a new sex exhibition in London

The Barbican has just launched an exhibition of erotic art called Seduced. It will be accompanied by a series of lectures around related themes of erotica, pornography and art. I’ll be speaking at the event in the new year and I’ll keep you posted on what that will be about.

It’s my body

Childline Scotland are hosting an event on young people’s sexual health and wellbeing called It’s my body. The event is based on research on young people and will discuss issues relating to mental and physical health. Teachers, doctors, therapists and youth workers are all welcome to attend. The event is on Wednesday 14th November 2007 M201, George Moore Building, Glasgow Caledonian University 10.30am – 3pm.

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