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Science and sex stuff 24/09/07

September 24th, 2007

Dr Petra

Here are some of the sex/science stories that caught my attention today. Click on the blue titles to read the full story….

Anti trafficking movement called upon to prove their claims

The Washington Times has called upon the anti trafficking movement to substantiate their claims about the numbers of people trafficked into prostitution. It’s bound to cause a lot of controversy amongst those who feel that trafficking is a major feminist issue and those who feel that some claims around trafficking are unhelpful or inaccurate and harm rather than help prostitutes.

Meanwhile Amsterdam moves to reclaim brothels

Amsterdam is buying back 18 brothels in a move to clamp down on criminal activities relating to prostitution (including fears over trafficking). What will happen to the women working in these brothels when they’re reclaimed is unclear. Critics have argued that it’s a cynical attempt to regain lucrative real estate, or that shutting the brothels without finding alternative venues for working women puts them at increased risk of exploitation.

You cum like a girl
In a bizarre news story Cory Silverberg picks up on the curious case of Cathy Lynn Carlson and her attempt to trademark the phrase ‘you cum like a girl’. Her application was denied on account of the catchphrase being deemed obscene. Cory asks the question why is it that other big corporations can use catchphrases that may also be seen as rude but get away with it. My feeling is the problem wasn’t so much in the legal shenaningans, but just that the catchphrase was all wrong. It should have been ‘you wish you cum like a girl’. Although it reminded me of a classic moment of other catchphrase rudery

Erotic Image Training
Hooray! Readers of Japanese magazine Spa! are being encouraged to masturbate, which is very good news. However rather than just being encouraged to understand their body and experience pleasure women are being instructed to perform sounds of orgasm or ‘sex faces’. Boo! Spa recommends women use a mirror to improve the facial gestures they make during orgasm. Which implies there’s a ‘good’ or ‘right’ face you can make. I’m all for watching yourself orgasm but if it has to become a means of seeing if you can improve how you look then it’s becoming more of a chore and less about pleasure.

The stuffy New Statesman complains about coyness

Following the recent BBC Radio 4′s series of programmes ‘the sex lives of us’, the New Statesman complained the programmes weren’t raunchy enough. I suspect the journalist reporting on the series didn’t listen to the whole series where some of the literature covered was more racy, while other programmes, if not erotic, certainly tackled many intimate sexual questions of listeners. Yes it wasn’t porn central but that’s not what Radio 4′s for. If the New Statesman’s that bothered though let’s look forward to some really good sex coverage from them in future.

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