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Send my friend to school

July 2nd, 2005

Dr Petra

This weekend our attention has been on the G8 summit, and associated protests and consciousness raising events.

One such programme is ‘send my friend to school’ a scheme organised by the Global Campaign for Education. Their plan was to get children already in school to support the 100 million children globally who are not in education.

Children were encouraged to decorate ‘buddies’ to represent friends elsewhere in the world who need to go to school. These will be presented to the world leaders at the G8 summit in Gleneagles this weekend.

The campaign helps teachers raise awareness amongst children about the needs of other children who’re not able to access the education they deserve, and to put pressure on world leaders, governments and local authorities to increase educational opportunities globally.

Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states ‘everyone has the right to education’, and after G8 we must continue to put pressure on leaders to enable children and adults to learn.

This includes supporting schemes like ‘send my friend to school’, increasing awareness about education inequalities, and campaigning for learning materials – particularly academic journals – to be free or inexpensive for those in developing countries.

I’d like to see ‘send my friend to school’ to be extended to other global campaigns – ‘enable my students to study’ and ‘help my colleagues access evidence’.

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