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Sex and science stuff 14/08/07

August 14th, 2007

Dr Petra

Here are some of the sex/science stories that caught my attention today….

Australia speaks out against breast implant competition

An Australian men’s magazine has offered a competition where male readers can win their girlfriends breast implants. A similar competition was held in the UK with Zoo magazine a couple of years back. Unlike the UK however, where we barely complained about this issue, Australian women’s groups, plastic surgeons and their medical association have all condemned the competition.

That’s Amora!
Prospect magazine features an essay that critically evaluates the UK’s sex exhibition Amora. It finds that Amora is more about selling products, maintaining aspirational views of sex and making links with pharmaceutical companies than giving sex advice.

Concerns over sex tourism in South Africa
Fair Trade in Tourism SA have warned the 2010 world cup (hosted in SA) could lead to an increase in child exploitation and sex tourism. It’s a sad truth to face that child sex tourism is a problem, but it’s positive that this organisation have chosen to raise awareness in advance of the world cup and have called upon organisations to uphold codes of conduct to protect children. While they’re at it perhaps they could also call on other organisations to draw the world’s attention to continuing problems in SA around healthcare provision, poverty and violence – as well as highlighting the many wonderful things SA has to offer us.

Don’t mention incestuous gay monkey sex in your grant application
Reports from the American Sociological Association’s annual meeting have acknowledged those working in the area of sex research find it difficult to obtain funding, be taken seriously by their peers, and may well face opposition from external organisations and politicians. The result is many are having to steer clear of topics they want to investigate due to the problems such research invites. It’s not news to those of us struggling to research sex, but it’s a story that scientists from other disciplines may find thought provoking.

Meanwhile Kate Nash sings about what it’s like when your relationship is on the rocks

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