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Sex and science stuff – 01/06/09

June 1st, 2009

Dr Petra

Plenty of sex/science stories about today. Some lighthearted, some very distressing.

Susie Bright has a moving account of a couple who had a late term abortion under the treatment of murdered doctor George Tiller. A number of vigils are being held across the US tonight in memory of Dr Tiller.

MTV’s HIV awareness campaign Staying Alive has launched a controversial new advert, aimed at getting men to take more responsibility on condom use. It’s message appeals to men to stand up for women, which some may welcome and others may feel taps into an unhelpful view of masculinity. What’s your view? See the advert below and let Staying Alive know what you think:

Cory Silverberg has a great summary of exciting new research just out in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, which has documented the ins and outs of people’s vibrator use. This may not seem that novel, but it’s worth remembering that while we’ve seen a boom in the sex toy industry over the past decade, sex research has been slower to catch up. It’s great to see we’re finally finding out exactly what people are doing with their vibrators!

TransLondon (a support group for Trans Identified and Genderqueer people) have proposed a boycott of London Pride march and rally this year. The decision is due to a number of problems, including refusal to let Trans women use the ladies toilets last year (which led to a sexual assault on a woman made to use the male toilets), to this year dictating how Trans participants could appear during the parade. More information on the press release here. This also follows the very distressing encounter with Stonewall last year which highlighted many divisions between the lesbian, gay and bi community and Trans Identified folk. At least it seems the organisers of Pride are not as stubborn as Stonewall, as they have offered to discuss how Trans people can be included in the event. Update and further discussion over at Sarah’s blog.

And finally, I know everyone’s going on about it, but let’s give credit to the amazing dance group who have just won Britain’s Got Talent. Their choreographer Ashley Banjo is not just fantastic and imaginative dancer, he’s also studying physics. So who says scientists are geeks?

Diversity – Winning Britians Got Talent – HD Brilliant – Ama
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