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Sex and science stuff – 18/04/09

April 17th, 2009

Dr Petra

Here’s some of the science/media/sex stories I’ve been interested in this week:

I’m a sex addict…It’s a real disease with doctors and medicine and everything!*
MindHacks have a great review of a piece about Sex Addiction (The Myth of Sex Addiction). This isn’t the first time the issue has been tackled, but it’s good to see people still making the case against ‘medicalising’ sexual behaviour using addiction models. If you’re interested in the Mind Hacks piece you might also want to hear Susie Bright’s interview with the amazing Leonore Tiefer on this very issue, follow accounts from Marty Klein and Cory Silverberg about the topic. Oh, and see how I discovered I was a sex addict, just after having a baby, by completing a ‘sex addiction assessment’ which is worryingly used within therapeutic practice.

We’ve heard recently how many psychotherapists have attempted to ‘treat’ homosexuality, running against evidence. It’s also common knowledge that there are some practising therapists believe in sex addiction, consider it’s a increasingly prevalent problem, and charge clients to treat it (see this somewhat unscientific survey from the BBC for more info). Unfortunately there’s not much being done currently to tackle misunderstandings of ‘addiction’, diverse therapeutic approaches, and the ongoing problem of poor media coverage of this issue – which mostly accepts the condition.
* In case you don’t know this quote it’s from the film Blades of Glory, where one character (Chazz Michael Michaels, played by Will Ferrell) is a self-proclaimed sex addict who undergoes group therapy.

Belinda Brooks Gordon talks about prostitution laws – and how they could affect us
Here’s the very smart, very lovely and amazingly dedicated Belinda BG talking at a recent sex worker demo about proposed legal changes and how they’ll affect sex workers wellbeing

Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery

My colleague Ginny Braun tipped me off about this comprehensive feature on women seeking cosmetic genital surgery written by the National Sexuality Resource Centre.

Cory Silverberg has a tribute to sexuality and gender theorist Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick.

And for those of us who are geeks and nerds (or love them), perhaps you should show your desires on your t-shirt. Cafe Press do a wide range of geek and nerd lovin’ apparell including t-shirts proclaiming I heart geeks, I heart gay nerds, and one for my little one to wear – I heart my geek mom.

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