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Sex, drugs and debate

June 5th, 2006

Dr Petra

Tomorrow I’ll be taking part in the sex, drugs and debate at London’s Dana Centre.

Alongside me will be John Tomlinson from the Men’s Health clinic in Winchester.

The discussion will cover a number of issues around medication and sex, but particularly I’ll be focusing on the way sexual functioning has been medicalised, outlining what medication for sexual functioning is available (and what it does), and where people have been misled about sex and drugs.

If you can’t join us or if you’d like to learn more after the event, you can find out more about this issue from the following sources:

FSD-alert is a campaign group addressing the medicalisation of female sexual dysfunction.

Leonore Tiefer’s Sex is not a natural act: and other essays (2nd Edition)

Meika Loe’s The Rise of Viagra: how the little blue pill changed sex in America

Annie Potts’ The Science Fiction of Sex

Community Catalyst – information on your health rights

Disease Mongering Conference, resources and health information

Public Library of Science (PloS) Medicine special issue on disease mongering

Journalist Brian Deer’s report on medicalisation of sex and research ethics

My paper ‘Better dicks through drugs? the penis as a pharmaceutical target’ – a reflection of men’s reactions to medicalising sex.

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