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Sex education films – a trip down memory lane

October 3rd, 2007

Dr Petra

Yesterday I blogged about a competition where you can create your own sex ed movie

Today I thought you might like some examples of past sex ed films to inspire you. Some are a lot more progressive than you might expect, others are hilarious and some are very worrying indeed. And they are in no way camp;-)

Molly Grows Up (1953)
– a young girl learns about menstruation

Innocent Party (1959)
– tackles the topic of ‘VD’

Parent to child about sex (1966)
– Two very serious men in suits tell us how to talk frankly about sex to our children
How much affection? (1958)
– tackles that age-old problem of ‘how far is too far’

Boys beware (1961)
– Lieutenant Williams tells us how to watch out for those pesky ol’ homosexuals
The strange ones
– in case ‘Boys beware’ hadn’t worried you enough here’s another Sid Davies movie – ‘most people in the world are good and nice, but unfortunately there are some strange ones’

As boys grow (1957)
– lots of healthy outdoor activities from young boys, then coach tells them all about sex

Cindy goes to a party (1955)
– Cindy (a tomboy) is transformed into a ‘proper girl’ by her fairy godmother

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