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Sex, Relationships and Cancer

May 20th, 2009

Dr Petra

Cancer charity Macmillan have launched a new campaign today – Sex, relationships and cancer.

With a great catchphrase – “Sex, a prickly issue” (and a cute hedgehog logo) this campaign includes a lot of information on sex for those affected by cancer. The site includes videos, an online community (where you can share ideas and ask for advice), and all manner of useful tips for people who want to continue an intimate, romantic and/or sexual relationship after cancer. There’s also a toolkit for health professionals to enable them to talk about sex with clients you can sign up for free here).

Sadly it’s all too common for those with cancer or cancer survivors to have little or no information to help with their sex lives and relationships. That’s sometimes because patients feel unable to ask for advice on this topic, or feel guilty for still wanting a sexual or romantic relationship. It’s also because healthcare practitioners don’t think that cancer patients can be sexual, are just too embarrassed to raise the issue, or because partners and practitioners simply feel with so much else to deal with it’s inappropriate to mention sex.

It’s great to see a major charity like Macmillan getting on board and giving this important issue publicity. I really hope their campaign is successful and would recommend anyone who has cancer or is a cancer survivor, their lovers and partners, and healthcare professionals spread the word about this campaign – and use the resources that come with it to bring pleasure to people’s lives. I’m particularly impressed by the mix of information, sex positivity and humanity within this campaign. Go Macmillan!

You can sign up to the pledge for breaking the taboos around sex and cancer here.

Check out their campaign video – and spread the word!

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