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Sex tips from movie stars?

April 4th, 2006

Dr Petra

Some areas of the press and various blogs have raised questions about the latest statements made by Sharon Stone who’s currently promoting her movie ‘Basic Instinct 2’. Reports are claiming that Ms Stone is encouraging teenagers to have more oral sex.

That’s not exactly a problem. Advocating oral sex can be a positive addition to sex education for older teens and adults.

However, it’s alleged Ms Stone has stated ‘oral sex is 100 times safer than vaginal or anal sex’. Although oral sex may be less risky than anal or vaginal sex it is not ‘100 times safer’. As a spokesperson for AIDS charities it is worrying that either Ms Stone is promoting such a view – or that such a statement’s being attributed to her.

More concerning still is the context in which this advice is being given. Ms Stone apparently said she tells teenagers “if you’re in a situation where you cannot get out of sex, offer a blow job. I’m not embarrassed to tell them.”

Presumably this advice was well meant – or perhaps it was just misquoted. Whatever. It’s very worrying.

Whilst advocating oral sex (using condoms or dental dams) and masturbation may be enjoyable alternatives to penetrative sex, and may be helpful for young people who do not wish to engage in penetration, it is hardly sex positive to advocate offering oral as an escape from a sexually coercive partner.

We already know that unconfident teenage girls may feel coerced into heterosexual sex, and straight teenage boys are encouraged to express their masculinity by performance that can lead to sexual pressure. Implying that a way to deal with an unwanted sexual encounter is providing oral sex not only reduces the pleasure oral sex has to offer; it also places girls in a position where their job is to keep a lad happy. And it’s no guarantee of preventing sexual violence.

It is not empowering to teenage girls to tell them that to keep themselves safe they must be prepared to suck someone off.

I don’t know if Ms Stone truly made these remarks, but if she did I think that’s something she should be very embarrassed to be telling young people.

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