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Sex worker school

May 6th, 2005

Dr Petra

Sex workers gathered in San Francisco recently for a training day that promised to increase their skills and confidence. The workshops organised by Carol Leigh, covered topics like marketing, stress reduction, as well as sexual techniques.

The aim was to help sex workers work more effectively and safely, and those who completed the course received a G.S.W certificate – Graduate in Sex Work.

You can find out more with Spread Magazine – a publication by and for sex workers, or learn more from Magdelene Meretrix’s ‘Turning Pro’ that explains all you need to know about becoming a sex worker.

If you’re concerned about safety issues for sex workers, the Network of Sex Work Projects hosts a guide whilst the European Network for HIV-STD Prevention in Prostitution and Sex Worker Outreach Project also link to useful support groups.

Currently sex workers face prejudice and stigma, many being made to work in dangerous conditions. What’s needed is support for those who wish to work to do so safely, and help for those who don’t want to be involved with selling sex to exit without fear. Perhaps a sex worker school is a good way to start.

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