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Sexy secrets in your holiday suitcase

August 4th, 2005

Dr Petra

Yesterday I talked about the things you need to pack in your suitcase to ensure you have a safer sexy break.

Obviously condoms are going to keep you safe and spice up sex, but there’ll be other things in your luggage you can use to give your partner or holiday romance an erotic treat.

Sun cream or aftersun

Can be used to give your partner a sexy massage. Remember if you’re using oil based products (like massage oil or suncream) this can damage the latex in condoms so avoid getting cream on your partner’s bits and wash your hands before putting on a condom – or you can always do it with your mouth.

Eyeshades and earplugs
Many airlines provide a complimentary travel pack that includes eyeshades and earplugs. You can tease your partner by getting them to put on the eyeshades so they can’t see whilst you stroke, lick, tickle or kiss them. Or you can wear both eyeshades and earplugs and get yourself off – it’s amazing how different your orgasm sounds and feels when you cut off some of your senses.


Read Annie Sprinkle’s book Dr Sprinkle’s Spectacular Sex which includes some tips on different ways to play naughty dressing up with a sarong. Or you can use your sarong to cover yourself up with, slowly revealing different parts of your body to your partner.


Have two uses (although I’m sure you can think of more). Either use your bikini top and bottoms as an impromptu bondage accessory to tie your partner up with (remember to ensure you don’t tie too tightly and keep checking the knots), or use along with your sarong to perform a striptease for your partner. This works particularly well if you have a bikini where the top ties at the neck and back and bottoms tie at the sides. You could invite your partner to untie you with their teeth (and if you want a giggle make them do this wearing the eyeshades).


If your holiday companion’s been a particularly naughty boy or girl they may need a spanking and luckily flip-flops are excellent for discipline. Make sure you get a pair that’s pretty flexible (wooden or hard sandals could cause a lot of pain). Check there’s no stones or sharp edges in the sole of the shoe, and always check it’s okay with your partner before you deliver their punishment. Spank gently at first, stop if they’re in any pain, and always kiss it better after. Or if you prefer they may have to take you in hand.

Remember all these things are optional and fun suggestions. If you think it’ll put the fear of God into your holiday romance if you start brandishing flip-flops and eyeshades then leave them in your case.

Happy camping!

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