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Shere Hite on The Uncelebrated Beauty of Men’s Sexuality

May 17th, 2009

Dr Petra

Pioneering sex researcher Shere Hite has written a fascinating and challenging piece in The Indypendent about men’s sexuality – particularly in relation to pornography.

It’s well worth a read and tackles some particularly challenging issues around gender, masculinity and sexual behaviour. Some may feel Hite doesn’t go far enough in her critique of porn, others may feel she does not adequately represent what pornography is. It isn’t clear from the feature where Hite is coming from in her arguments, so it’s difficult to establish whether she’s basing her points on research she’s done or literature she’s critically appraised or whether this is a polemical piece.

See what you think. It is one of the few articles I’ve seen recently that moves beyond the tired old ‘porn addiction’ debate and focuses instead on what impact pornography may have on men. You don’t have to agree with Hite’s conclusions, but you may well find the questions she raises encourages further reflection on men’s sexuality and particularly the impact of porn on men.

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