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Show your support for Lt Ehren Watada

February 3rd, 2007

Dr Petra

On Monday 5th February 2007 Lt Ehren Watada will face a court martial for his stance against the war in Iraq. This follows his public criticism in June last year where he became the first commissioned officer to publicly refused to deploy to Iraq, who spoke out against the war and also encouraged other army personnel to question their role in Iraq. You can find out more about Ehren here.

It is estimated since the war in Iraq began that over 650,000 Iraqi people, mainly civilians, and over 3,000 US, British and other soldiers have lost their lives. Medical journals have described the additional damage to physical and psychological health of survivors (again both civilian and service men and women) and called for an end to the conflict. A growing number of health care staff and psychologists have questioned the ethics of the war and the role of some professionals in interrogation and treatment of those suspected of war crimes and have spoken out against continued involvement in the ‘war on terror’.

The US alone spends an estimated $8.4 billion a month on this war. Despite this, service men and women in the US, UK and other countries have complained their physical, emotional and financial wellbeing are not adequately protected whether they’re serving on the front line or after they return home from duty. In both the UK and US where there is considerable public resistance against the war in Iraq governments appear oblivious to their citizens and are spending money on war that could be better spent on education and healthcare – in our countries and globally.

Supporters of Lt Watada have asked for people to show their support for his stance and against the war in Iraq with a day of action on Monday 5th and also by signing the petition to support Ehren.

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