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Sign up against sexual apartheid

January 27th, 2007

Dr Petra

A new petition invites you to sign up against sexual apartheid. In a week where we’ve seen a hopeless approach from Tony Blair on the issue of Catholic adoption agencies excluding lesbian and gays from adopting children people are feeling that some sexual minorities are being treated as second-class citizens.

The petition explains “Exemptions for religious organisations from the Goods, Services and Facilities regulations, are of great concern and entirely unjust. The use of services, goods and facilities that heterosexuals take for granted, should be allowed to those from the lesbian, gay and bisexual communities; the protections that minorities and religious groups have in law should be granted to the lesbian gay and bisexual communities also; the end of a two-tier system which denies justice in the provision of goods, services and facilities to the lesbian, gay and bisexual communities should be implemented with no further delay and at the earliest point possible throughout the entirety of the UK”.

You can get more information and sign here.

I summarised the research evidence on gay adoption/parenting over at Mansized if you want more details on this issue.

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