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Standing up for strippers

November 23rd, 2008

Dr Petra

Yesterday saw the annual Reclaim the Night march in London. I didn’t go as I’ve long given up assuming that marches do us any good if they only assume women are victims of violence and often exclude Trans women and sex workers. Penny Red didn’t go either and writes interestingly on her blog about her decisions not to attend.

What I was glad to see is a group of sex positive feminists took a stand against the anti porn mob who chose the march to protest outside Spearmint Rhino club. You can read a report over at Shut Up Sit Down. I’ve always found it distasteful that women who are supposedly standing up for the rights of other women actually invade their places of work and cause disruption. Nothing sisterly about that at all.

Good for those protesters who took a stand and made it clear they weren’t supporting a march that allows one group of priviledged women to make claims on reclaiming their night, while excluding other women in the process.

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