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Summer sex features and strawberries

July 11th, 2006

Dr Petra

You can tell it’s summer because of strawberries.

Not strawberries in cream teas, or as a snack at Wimbledon.

I’m talking about strawberries in magazine sex features.

Check it out for yourself. It’s pretty much obligatory for summer sex stories to mention how eating strawberries will give you a boost.

Depending on the angle of the story strawberries magical properties can do everything from increasing your libido to sperm counts or even making you more energetic in bed.

Whilst strawberries are very tasty and do have ingredients that are beneficial, they won’t make any difference to your sex life on their own. Even if you eat a healthy diet, exercise and have a positive relationship then an extra strawb or two won’t make a dramatic change. But if the only change you’re making is to eat a bowl of strawberries you’re going to be disappointed.

By all means enjoy eating them, and feeding them to your lover, but don’t expect more from them than that.

And when you’re not doing that why not keep a ‘strawberry score’ to see just how many magazines and newspapers actually do rely on the ‘strawbs and sex’ angle.

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