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Thanks for last night’s quickie

January 11th, 2008

Dr Petra

Last night I had a quickie in the Barbican. I wasn’t on my own, quite a few people joined in.

It was all part of Seduced: art and sex from antiquity to now, which is a collection of art representing sex across history.

The quickie was part of the exhibition. A number of different speakers, performers and practitioners have spoken for half an hour on a topic relating to ‘Seduced’. I was there to talk about how we research porn, and I hope those of you who came found it interesting and thought provoking. After the event I was asked a number of questions about my talk and I thought I’d share some answers here to give you more of an idea about sex, research and porn. Click on the links below for answers to each question.

I’d like to take part in a porn study, how do I do that?

What happens in sex research? (this blog entry, based around Kinsey’s research, gives information about many aspects of sex research).

What are some of the main questions people have about porn and it’s effects?

Is there such a thing as porn/sex addiction? (this recent blog entry links to other sites that discuss porn addiction and evaluates a key tool used to diagnose sex addicts).

What’s it like to research porn?

If you’ve not been to Seduced yet it’s well worth a visit. Aside from seeing an amazing collection of erotic art (some of which have not been publicly displayed before), there’s also the chance to sneak a peek at all the other visitors looking at sexual images. It’s an exhibition that will make you think about how we view sex and relationships, and will also provide an insight into how sex has been represented at different points in history. Rather than just a collection of erotic images it invites you to think about what sex has meant to us over the centuries – and how different cultures view sex.

Be quick though, the exhibition closes on the 27th January 2008.

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