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Thanks for your feedback on this blog

August 31st, 2008

Dr Petra

Last week I asked if you would mind giving some feedback on this blog, and I’ve been really pleased by the warm response I’ve received.

Fortunately it seems most readers (regular and new) enjoy the blog and find it helpful and interesting. Those of you who have got in touch have pointed out a few areas for improvement, which are…

I’d mentioned my plans for putting the comments facility back on the blog, but many of you who gave feedback suggested I didn’t do this. It seems readers feel this blog is a ‘safe space’ where they can read about sex and relationships issues and decide for themselves if they agree with them or not. Adding the option to allow comments meant, for those who replied to me, that hostile and sometimes threatening discussions could break out on the site which would detract from the general tone and message.

One reader who got in touch suggested people could make contact about issues via email and I could post a ‘best of the bunch’ of responses received to particular topics as an alternative to having comments enabled. Which I think is an excellent compromise and I’m happy to do. I’ll be including my email at the end of longer/more controversial blogs for people to direct comments should they wish. Obviously if people want to discuss topics raised on this blog in other forums that’s fine with me.

Site navigation/tags

Worryingly I had a fair number of responses from people saying they liked my blog but felt it neglected issues of sexuality (particularly lesbian, gay and trans topics), BDSM, swinging and polyamory, and other general kink topics. This is a problem because these topics definitely are covered within the blog, but it may not be obvious to all readers. Clearly sex is a vast area and trying to cover it as widely as possible may mean people feel their needs aren’t always addressed, so I am happy to keep hearing from people if you feel issues or individuals are being excluded. In the meantime I’m going to work on the tags for the site so it’s easier to see what has been talked about, and in the meantime if you type in topics you’re interested in within the site search box you should find what you’re looking for.

I was glad to hear from those of you who had ideas for people I ought to be interviewing and topics I should be featuring on this site. I’ll be ensuring all of these are included over the coming months. I’ve been asked to bring back summaries of interesting news coverage or other blog entries, which I’ll definitely be doing. Some of you asked if I could include some explicit stories, photos and film clips on the blog which I won’t be doing, not because I disapprove of erotica, but because there are plenty of other sites that offer this service already. The aim of this blog is more around education, information and entertainment, rather than erotic content. However, I will update my links to other sites that do offer such services that I think readers might enjoy and if you hear of any forthcoming book, film or other erotic product I might be interested in reviewing then feel free to let me know about it.


I had a mixed response from readers about the issues covered within the blog. Those of you who are practitioners, therapists, educators, counsellors and health care workers all requested more of the ‘science busting’ features where I take apart a piece of research on sex/relationships. Others who work within performance, art or commercial areas wanted more focus on real stories and interviews. My aim is to continue to offer a range of topics but feedback from readers has definitely helped give me a better idea about who’s looking at this blog and what is most useful to you. I will be adding a range of links to training materials and information for practitioners, educators and the general public by the end of this year.

A few readers very gently pointed out I do tend to go on a bit in some blog entries :-) One very helpful suggestion from a reader was I post a short summary at the start of lengthy blogs to tell you what I’ll be covering so you can decide if this is something you want to read through or not. I’ll be doing this for longer blogs from now on.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to give me feedback. It was all very helpful and really kind of you. As ever this blog remains a project for me to raise issues but is informed by the needs of its readers. So please feel free to offer any feedback you wish to

Finally, if you are involved in any projects, programmes or initiatives you’d like other people to hear about please feel free to contact me. I’ve heard about some great schemes as a result of asking for feedback on this blog and I’m really looking forward to sharing those with you over the coming months.

With best wishes


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