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The adventures of GI Jonny and other sexy friends

October 9th, 2007

Dr Petra

Continuing with the theme of sex education films, here’s another crop of some really great examples.

GI Jonny is a new series of four films featuring superheros such as GI Jonny and Mimsy (the goodies) and baddie Captain Bareback. Action Man was never this naughty! Look out for Mimsy’s bush hideout getting penetrated, some commando bandits, Captain Bareback’s crotch cannon and GI Jonny’s brass eye. Priceless.

The aim of GI Jonny is to bring sex information to teens and young adults in an entertaining way. It’s part of a wider sexual health awareness programme where you can get sex advice and information.

Meanwhile over at the Midwest Teen Sex Show there are a couple of new episodes worth watching. There’s how to survive gym class and Homosexuality Part 1 – watch out for a guest appearance from Scott the homosexual who makes you realise we all need a theme tune.

Midwest Teen Sex Show are also now stocking their famous Thanks Masturbation! t-shirts which you can buy here.

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