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The UK Government must stop putting prostitutes at risk

January 12th, 2007

Dr Petra

In an editorial in today’s British Medical Journal (BMJ), Professor Michael Goodyear and colleagues argue the UK government’s current approach towards prostitution is putting sex workers at risk. The editorial comes after a bungled home office consultation on prostitution that didn’t represent the needs and opinions of sex workers, the overuse of anti social behaviour orders (ASBOs) that have forced prostitutes to work in increasingly isolated ways, and the tragic murders of five young women in Ipswich at the end of 2006.

You can read the whole editorial here. In particular it draws attention to the lack of leadership from the Prime Minister who has avoided taking action to protect sex workers, and how the marginalisation of prostitutes excludes them from basic health care.

Already the Liberal Democrats have supported Goodyear and the BMJ’s stance.

What can you do to add your voice to this challenge and support sex workers?

You can add a comment to Michael Goodyear’s editorial on the BMJ website (simply add your comment as a rapid response using the link to his editorial above).

You can support organisations campaigning for sex workers rights including
UK Network of Sex Work Projects
Sexual Freedom Coalition
Network of Sex Work Projects
Prostitutes Education Network
Sex Workers International Media Watch

You can write to your MP complaining of the UK government’s approach to prostitution and argue towards a review of the current legal situation that discriminates against sex workers and places them at risk.

Or you can donate to Gemmas Gift a fundraiser for a children’s hospice set up by the parents of Gemma Adams, one of the Ipswich murder victims.

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