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Transgender Day of Remembrance

November 20th, 2005

Dr Petra

The 20th November is a time for marking the Transgender Day of Remembrance.

The memorial day is dedicated to those who’ve been physically, emotionally abused because they’re trans, including the tragic cases of those murdered across the world for not fitting within the confines of narrow gender roles.

Whilst support and protection may be available for some victims of violence, frequently transgender people face high levels of abuse or exclusion with little or no help. Many trans people feel particularly left out in relation to other minorities they perceive to be getting more support. And often their fears are confirmed when trans people who are attacked or murdered are held responsible – one example that’s often cited is ‘she looked like a woman when she was raped, but when it was discovered she was biologically male she was murdered’.

Perhaps not surprisingly given the hostile climate many trans people find themselves living in, hate crime towards trans people is often not reported.

The Suffolk Police in the UK have launched an initiative where people who have been victims of hate crime can report abuse using an anonymous form so even if people don’t want to take things further they can at least record abuse so it’s included in Home Office statistics. You may want to ask if your local police force is considering a similar scheme.

Transgenderzone have created the following useful links to go with the Transgender Day of Remembrance that you may find helpful.

Being outed

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