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Tw*ts on Twitter?

August 23rd, 2009

Dr Petra

No, I’ve not come over all David Cameron. I’m talking about Twitt Sex – the promised ‘adult’ version of twitter. Although it seems there may be a limit on nudity shown which may well defeat the object of the idea.

You can access the beta version of Twitt Sex here (note: it’s for over 18s only).

Given our current media preoccupation with creating (and supporting) moral panics over twitter and ‘sexting’ I’m surprised we’ve not seen more media scares over Twitt Sex. After all it provides the perfect template for a scare story – sex + technology.

Given how the sex industry has an alleged reputation for being early adapters (and often innovators) within communications it’s surprising Twitt Sex (or something like it) hadn’t happened sooner. Perhaps because there are other speedy ways to share sexual desires?

Certainly the idea of being able to ‘tweet’ sexual comments plus images does raise issues around what can be shared, risks of people having images shared without their consent, problems of exploitative or abusive images being circulated or used as part of sexual offences. These are no different to discussions about any form of sex within social media, although it is often very difficult to discuss as conversations either deteriorate into moral panics, or sex negative jibes or just smutty giggles.

My hunch is this is yet another one of those sex/tech things that may or may not take off. If the audience, cash and uptake’s there it’ll work. Given the volume of interest in sharing sex via text, or through user generated porn sites, it could be popular. But issues of content, regulation and sharing would still need addressing – and if there’s a no nudity clause then this may never get off the ground.

Still, given many of the folk who twitter and the inanity of what’s shared it might be preferable to bypass the bull and just see a picture of an arse rather than reading a bunch of it :-)

Update 24/08/09
SpitTech had a number of questions about TwittSex which have now been answered. These were mostly around how TwittSex would handle problems like people trying to post sexual images of children or images of rape. SpitTech were kind enough to let me know this interview’s live, and you can read it (and comment) here.

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