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Want to share a safer sex message? Say it with your knickers!

April 7th, 2008

Dr Petra

Here’s a fun contest from Internet Sexuality Information Services that you might want to enter….

“What if Your Undies had the Last Word?

Your Underwear can be the last physical thing that separates you and your partner from the moment of truth. Don’t leave things unsaid and don’t let this moment pass you by. Go to and design a pair of underwear (boxers, panties or a T-shirt) with a message that reminds you and your partner about safe sex, preventing HIV/STDs and unplanned pregnancies.

A simple chat BEFORE you get naked can make all the difference. Start the conversation now by designing a pair of boxers, panties or a t-shirt with a design or message that says that YOU’RE GOING TO PLAY SAFE.

Don’t wait until it is too late to talk to your partner about safe sex and remember you can always let your undies be your guide.”

Here in the UK we’ve already been using underwear and jewellery as a means of highlighting a safer sex message, although this campaign from Condom Essential Wear uses our scanties to show how you can’t tell by looking whether someone has an STI.

More information about the contest can be found at…

Internet Sexuality Information Services (ISIS) Exposes Ideas for Preventing HIV and other STDs with an Underwear Design Contest

Brickfish User-Generated Content Campaign Lets Consumers Spread the Word, not Disease

Internet Sexuality Information Services, Inc. (ISIS), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting sexual health,
and Brickfish™, a social media advertising platform, are inviting people to design intimate apparel to help get the word out about preventing HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, and developing lifelong healthy relationships. The “In Brief” campaign, located at ( invites entrants to develop their own art and slogans for boxer shorts, women’s underwear, or t-shirts containing a message about sexual communication, including preventing HIV and other STDs. The Grand Prize winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship or cash equivalent, and twelve pairs of underwear.

With recent statistics published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that 1 in 4 female adolescents in the U.S. have a sexually transmitted disease, this timely contest tackles this public health issue head-on. “Talking about HIV and STDs is uncomfortable, especially in the heat of the moment, so we are excited at this opportunity to create a forum for bringing prevention to the forefront,” said Deb Levine, Executive Director of ISIS. “The ‘In Brief’ campaign is designed to help sexually active people (and those thinking about having sex) communicate about the risks before they take their clothes off. We are confident the awareness raised by this campaign will encourage people to talk about their sexual health before they are in a risky situation.”

In addition to the Grand Prize winner, an ISIS expert panel of judges will award a $250 scholarship (or cash equivalent) for their favorite entry chosen from the top 100 generating the most buzz across the Internet. And, all people who enter or vote in the contest will be eligible to win another $250 scholarship or cash equivalent awarded at the end of the contest.

The Brickfish marketing platform provides a forum to raise awareness of social issues through User-Generated Content (UGC). Brands, agencies and non-profit organizations use Brickfish’s patent-pending platform to launch online advertising and marketing campaigns that spark the creation of brand-focused UGC, such as blogs, images, video and audio. Brickfish’s
content sharing tools enable anyone to view and review submissions, vote on their favorites, and share them with friends and peers through email, Instant Message and by posting on social networking sites, creating a powerful viral conversation that spans the Internet.

“The most important step to initiate positive change with societal issues is to get people talking and sharing,”
said Shahi Hanem, CEO of Brickfish. “The ‘In Brief’ campaign will help enlighten people about the risks and introduce steps they can take to protect their sexual health. Thanks to today’s elevated use of social media sites to promote thoughts and views, we are confident this campaign will be a vital way to increase awareness about HIV and other STDs and help people develop healthy relationships.”

The “In Brief” campaign ends May 15th.

About ISIS

Internet Sexuality Information Services, Inc. (ISIS) is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to developing and using Internet technologies for sexual health promotion and to prevent disease transmission. ISIS provides leadership, innovation, educational resources and research in online sexual health promotion.

About Brickfish

Brickfish, the social media advertising platform, has created a revolutionary new approach to consumer driven marketing that leverages the power of User-Generated Content and social media to connect brands with consumers. Brands and agencies use our patent-pending platform to launch online advertising and marketing campaigns that spark the creation of brand-focused UGC, such as blogs, images, video and audio. This content is shared from consumer to consumer via email, IM, and hundreds of social media sites such as MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and more. Campaign participants are rewarded for creating, voting, reviewing and sharing content, resulting in high-quality brand engagement. The Brickfish platform then tracks consumer interactions with this content and provides detailed analytics on campaign reach, performance and demographics. This results in a powerful viral marketing approach that has proven to be 5 to 10 times more effective than traditional online marketing methods such as display ads or search optimization. Brickfish uses a Cost Per Engagement™ (CPE™) model, in which
advertisers only pay for actions taken with the brand.

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