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We’re all going on a summer holiday….

August 3rd, 2005

Dr Petra

…..better make sure your sex essentials are packed in your suitcase.

A recent survey by Playing Safely revealed only 20% of people take condoms on holiday with them, and of those three quarters then left their condoms in their suitcase when they reached their holiday destination. That said, well over 50% of respondents expected to have sex with one or more people whilst they were away.

So the first thing to get to go into your case is condoms (which you can get from your GP, family planning clinic, pharmacy, supermarket or online). Ensure they’re up to date and carry the CE mark. Take plenty to last you all holiday and make sure your friends take some too. When you get to your destination put your condoms beside your bed, and also have supplies to take out in your purse, handbag, pocket or wallet every night.

Next pop some latex-friendly lubricant into your luggage. That can help keep you nice and wet either for masturbation (well, it passes the time whilst you’re away) and can make hand jobs and penetrative sex much more slippy and sexy.

If you’re female and are using the contraceptive pill, patch, injection or implant then remember to ensure you’ve supplies to take with you or your injection is up to date. But also remember that these won’t protect you against sexually transmitted infections, so also make sure those condoms are in your luggage.

Just in case add some backup supplies to your backpack. If you’re prone to thrush or cystitis, visit your pharmacy or supermarket before you travel and stock up on packs of cystitis relief and thrush cream or medication. That way if you notice the symptoms of thrush or cystitis whilst you’re away you can promptly treat them. Painkillers are a useful addition to your holiday first aid kit too.

Don’t forget your sex toys! If you’ve a favourite vibrator then pop that in your valise. Probably an idea to take batteries out of vibrators that need them until you reach your destination – and take spares – you don’t want to run out of steam at a crucial moment. Remember if you plan on taking sex toys or other sexy treats with you ensure they’re legal in the country you’re holidaying in – you don’t want to cause offence to your hosts.

And of course if you want to add saucy underwear, erotic reading material, or any other sexy materials then feel free. Although don’t tell them I suggested it if they stop you at customs!

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