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We definitely want sex advice and services

January 13th, 2006

Dr Petra

New research from the sexual health advice charity Brook shows there’s overwhelming support for young people having access to sex advice and information.

The survey of 988 adults aged 16 and upwards was conducted as part of Brook’s Wise Up! campaign that aims to protect and promote young people’s rights on sexual health.

The findings revealed:
94% respondents believed young people who can’t talk to their parents about sex or relationships should have access to other sources of confidential information and advice.

Often people suggest concern that providing sex advice and services to young people leads to them having sex, but this survey indicated 70% of participants didn’t agree. Older respondents and parents were particularly likely to state they didn’t think giving sex advice caused early sexual activity.

Even more encouraging, 86% respondents supported sex and relationships education as a compulsory part of the national curriculum. Younger people were particularly likely to agree to this suggestion, although 77% of those aged over 65 were also in favour.

So now we know. People do want sex education, advice and services provided for young people. And whilst sex educators and health professionals will always hope a young person can go to their parents for sex advice or information, there is also now clear public support for additional confidential services and sex education for all teenagers.

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