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June 16th, 2005

Dr Petra

Irish pharmacists have taken a novel approach to sexual health advice. A group from Sligo are part of a sexual and reproductive health awareness campaign organised by the Irish Pharmaceutical Union (IPU). They will be offering patients advice, support and information about sexually transmitted infections and reproductive health.

The IPU believe this may increase awareness and help reduce STI rates, particularly Chlamydia.

It’s estimated around 400,000 people visit their pharmacy each day, so it’s an ideal setting to offer sexual and reproductive advice.

Pharmacy support can include over the counter treatments for thrush or cystitis, condoms and lubricants, as well as dispensing prescribed contraceptives. Your pharmacist can also explain if any other medication you’re taking could cause contraceptives to be less effective, and in some areas there are plans for pharmacists to offer Chlamydia testing.

So next time you want sexual or reproductive health advice – don’t forget your pharmacist!

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