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What do sex experts get for Valentine’s day?

February 14th, 2005

Dr Petra

Today a colleague tackled me in the hallway and said “I expect you got loads of Valentine’s cards”.

Since I didn’t have my sexpert hat on at the time, and was thinking about my day job, I was a bit bewildered how she thought someone who lectures in research methods could invite such adoration, but then quickly caught on to what she was saying. And obviously in sexpert mode I had to keep up appearances.

“Yes”, I admitted modestly. “There were a few cards, and even a present or two”.

This seemed to confirm her idea that sex experts have a pretty good life, and she seemed very happy for me.

Which is just as well, because I hadn’t the heart to admit that although I did get a lovely card and gifts from my better half, my other admirers were my cat, my mum, and my dad.

Probably proving what Valentine’s day is really supposed to be about. Letting other people know they’re loved.

Hope you had a good one. Happy Valentine’s Day to you


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