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What do you think of this blog? Your views welcome

August 25th, 2008

Dr Petra

I’ve been writing this blog for a few years now. It’s something I started as a small-scale hobby with the aim of sharing the information about sex and relationships I wasn’t able to communicate effectively via the media.

Over the years the blog has taken on a life of its own and has become something I do for both pleasure and activism, and ranges from reviews of scientific research through to sex tips as well as highlighting dodgy sex coverage in the media and flagging up some popular and humourous sites and clips. It also serves as a form of therapy for me where I can sound off about bad practice I’ve encountered.

I tend to think of the blog as something I like doing that readers find interesting, educational and challenging. I see it as something that exists for those who read it, rather than just my benefit.

For that reason I’d really like to hear from you about what you think of this blog – and what you’d like to see change, improve or stay the same.

To help I’ll give you some ideas about where I see things going, but before I do here’s a little bit more context. The blog is something I do in my spare time, I fund it myself and I use it as a place to raise issues rather than answer individual problems (which I do elsewhere). I aim the blog at a wide audience from anyone with a general interest in sex through to healthcare practitioners, counsellors, educators and journalists. I don’t use the blog to write about my own sexual experiences or comment on the sex lives of the rich and famous, but I do use it to draw attention to things people may not have heard about – or may have heard a lot about but not perhaps from the angle I take. This format is something I’m comfortable with, although I’m open to suggestions for change and development.

One thing I know is a problem is the issue of people posting comments. I’ve had plenty of emails from readers complaining about this and asking whether I’m trying to be an isolationist. The answer is no, I simply turned off the facility a while ago when I was recieving a lot of abusive emails, where people were using the blog to ask for help with their problems, and where posters were attacking each other which increased my workload to moderate. I am working on this and am planning on allowing comments up in the near future.

Are you happy with the mix of topics on the blog? I try and include links to conferences, reviews of scientific papers, comment on media stories as well as sex/relationships tips and pointers for those working in the areas of media, sex and relationships health. I endeavour to try and cover as wide a range as possible so I have addressed everything from sex when you’re trying to get pregnant through to teenagers and sexual health, LGBTQ topics, sex and minority groups, BDSM, and sex for seniors. Do the topics covered address your needs or are they too specific? Would you like more of any of the things I already cover (e.g. sex tips or deconstructing scientific papers) or are there things you’d like to see me doing that I’m not already addressing?

In the past I’ve summed up some of the week’s sex/science stories from the media but I wasn’t sure if those were useful. If you liked them and want to see them back please let me know. Same goes for reviews of new sex research and discussions of general sex/relationships problems (and how to address them).

Over the coming months I’m planning on introducing a few new regular features to the blog. This will include ‘a quickie with’ where I’ll be interviewing well known (and not so well known) folk who work within the area of sex and relationships. I’m also planning a regular sex tips item where I’ll tackle some of the big questions on sex (such as ‘does the g spot exist?’, ‘how to talk dirty’, ‘improve your sexual communication skills’, and ‘how to cope if you’ve never had an orgasm’). Those features will include straightforward, evidence based advice with links to reputable guides and resources. I’m also aiming to include some specific guides for journalists, counsellors, educators and healthcare professionals around how to improve their practice in the area of sex/relationships.

I definitely need to increase my links to other blogs I like, as well as sorting out tags to make it easier to find your way through everything I’ve posted. If you know of a sex/relationships blog you think I should be linking to (or one on science or media too) then please feel free to tell me about it and if it’s something I like I’ll make sure it gets included sometime soon.

That’s as far as I’ve got. The rest is really over to you. There’s no point me writing just to get things off my chest (although I do enjoy the opportunity to rant on). I want this blog to be something that you use, enjoy and recommend to others.

If you’re a regular reader you may already have some ideas about what you’d like to see change or stay. If you’re new to this blog, welcome aboard, and please take the time to browse through previous entries to give you an idea about what I do – and help you decide if there’s anything you’d like to see.

Could I make one small request though? If you want to recommend other sites, products, services or people to me I’m happy to hear about this, but my request here is how to improve this blog as a source of sex/relationships information and entertainment. So please be understanding if I do not respond to requests to promote products or services if they don’t fit with the ethos of this blog.

I’m going to take a break from blogging for the next week while I prepare some new items and also take time to listen to comments you send in. Please be as critical as you like – all feedback is welcome. I’m particularly interested to hear from professionals (journalists, educators, counsellors) as I want to know if this blog gives you things that help in your work. Please tell me what I’m getting right – and where I’m not delivering what you need. I also really want to hear from anyone who’s just interested in sex/relationships and what it is you like about the blog and where you’d like to see it improve.

I promise to respond to any feedback sent and I’ll summarise the general views recieved when I return to the blog in early September.

It’s down to you now – let me know what you think at

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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