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Where do pirates keep their buccaneers? Under their bukkin hats!

September 19th, 2008

Dr Petra

Crummy joke aside, prepare to have fun today me hearties as it’s time for Talk Like A Pirate Day. So grab yourself a wench or Roger the cabin boy and step into the world of pirate chat, dressing up, and fantasy.

Over at Talk Like A Pirate HQ they’ve some great hints on getting the pirate patter sorted. If you need a costume there’s over 45 looks for would-be Anne Bonny’s out there on this site – and here’s a few ideas for the male pirates among you. Now stop sniggering you scurvy dogs or I’ll have you walk the plank!

If you want more ideas on how to negotiate a pirate/wench/cabinboy type fantasy with a partner then check out Deborah Addington’s very helpful workbook Fantasy Made Flesh. Alternatively you might want to watch Pirates of the Caribbean to get you in the mood.

Or you just might want to think back to the good old days when men liked to dress in a bit of a piratey way….

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