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Why I LOVE Salma Hayek

February 11th, 2009

Dr Petra

In an era of spoilt celebrities, and celeb mums who complain about how ‘yukky’ they find breastfeeding, enter actress and UNICEF spokesperson Salma Hayek who didn’t hesitate to feed a hungry baby on a recent visit to Sierra Leone.

Critics may argue that if you feed another baby it may not help a mum whose milk is drying up as the more you feed the more you make. That always needs addressing in cases where donated milk is on offer.

However, there’s no reason why mums can’t donate milk and this can be a major help for mums who’re not able to breastfeed for various reasons.

If you want to be like Salma and have some milk to share you can find out how to do this via the UK Association for Milk Banking.

And three cheers for Salma our Dairy Queen who not only gave a hungry tot some food and comfort, the associated media attention has helped focus on the needs of Sierra Leone where maternal and child health is currently an under resourced area

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