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World AIDS Day 2007

December 1st, 2007

Dr Petra

This year World AIDS day focuses on the theme of ‘breaking the silence’. The aim is to encourage people to be more open about discussing HIV/AIDS and related issues in an attempt to reduce stigma.

Even Gordon Brown’s got talking about it (let’s hope he does more than pay lip service to this important issue).

Ben Goldacre at Bad Science gives us a depressing World Tour of AIDS Quackery describing the truly terrifying views some politicians and practitioners hold about HIV.

Over at the World Service Trust there’s an update on a number of projects across the globe addressing issues around HIV. These include how deaths of teachers in Africa are affecting education programmes, the progress of educational films in Cambodia, the success of a youth media programme in Angola (something I was proud to lend support to) and the return of my favourite African youth advice show – Kenya’s ‘Kimasomaso’ (which means ‘to speak out boldly’ in Swahili).

Meanwhile at Mansized we’ve collated a few of the best global condom adverts – they really get you thinking about safer sex messages and should give you plenty to talk about.

As ever, we can do a lot in the fight against AIDS by using condoms ourselves, encouraging the availability of medication to countries in need, and campaigning for comprehensive and evidence-based sex education the world over.

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