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Your Kinsey questions answered

January 14th, 2005

Dr Petra

Last week a journalist called me and asked for Kinsey’s email address. Not the address of the Kinsey Institute, but Professor Alfred Kinsey’s personal private account.

‘I’d have a job doing that’, I replied. ‘He’s dead!’
‘Oh what a shame’, they said. ‘And he’s only just finished making that film…’
‘That’s an actor, Liam Neeson, playing Kinsey’, I explained.

After a pause the journalist asked ‘so who was Kinsey anyway?’

A true story, and probably you’re laughing. But in fairness, there are going to be many journalists who don’t know who Kinsey is, being sent off to write about him. If that includes you, or perhaps you’re just interested in finding out more about Kinsey, or sex surveys then here’s where you need to go.

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