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Posts from the ‘Ethics’ Category

Love Geeks? Then buy a Geek Calendar!

1st October 2010

Dr Petra

Tweet Over the past few months, geeks, scientists, writers and presenters have been mulling over how to raise more funds…



Smile, you’re on my phone’s camera!

17th August 2010

Dr Petra

TweetThis post is based on a true story. I’ve altered identifying details, but the events described are real. I wrote…



Your chance to help this Men’s Health Week – challenge the Advanced Medical Institute

16th June 2010

Dr Petra

Tweet June 14 to 20th is Men’s Health week, with numerous practitioners, charities and healthcare organisations hosting events and conciousness…



Celebrating this blog’s fifth birthday!

30th November 2009

Dr Petra

It’s five years since I started blogging. So please put on a party hat, help yourself to some nibbles, and join me for a look back over the past half decade.



Sex and science stuff 23/11/09

23rd November 2009

Dr Petra

What’s new in the world of sex and science this week? This week we’re talking prostitution, sex blogging, genital surgery and a review of Chlamydia Screening.



Drinks Company + PR Firm + Enthusiastic Undergraduate = Massive Hangover for Universities

8th November 2009

Dr Petra

PR companies are well known for using ‘fake formula’ to promote products, often involving academics to front them. Now it seems companies are getting students to do this job, which raises a lot of worries for universities that they may not be aware of.



Sex and science stuff 06/11/09

6th November 2009

Dr Petra

TweetOne story you can’t have missed in the past week or so was the sacking of Professor David Nutt in…



Can I have a case study?

15th July 2005

Dr Petra

TweetIt’s been case study central here today. I’ve had several requests from journalists to provide them cases to go with…



Want to be in a sex study?

14th July 2005

Dr Petra

TweetUS men’s website has a feature this week by Donald Zimmer talking about sex research. It kicks off predictably with…



Celebrity confidential

30th June 2005

Dr Petra

TweetMost journalists have got the message that people working in the health and social sciences aren’t able to comment on…