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Posts from the ‘Intercourse’ Category

When sex is painful

13th March 2014

Dr Petra

TweetMany years ago I was asked to review a small qualitative study for a healthcare journal. It focused on women…



‘Help, my man has a sexual fetish’

11th October 2013

Dr Petra

TweetBack in June I answered a reader problem at Telegraph’s Wonder Women about a woman whose partner was unable to get…



In memory of John Tomlinson

30th September 2012

Dr Petra

TweetOver the summer I was saddened to learn of the death of John Tomlinson. John was an inspiration to so…



What makes a baby?

21st February 2012

Dr Petra

TweetAbout this time last year I was in the queue at the supermarket. It was a busy afternoon. The ideal…



Review: Sexual Nature, Natural History Museum, London

31st May 2011

Dr Petra

Tweet Want to know what testicle size has to do with your relationship status? Whether a long tail may help…



“The Joy of Teen Sex”

19th January 2011

Dr Petra

TweetLast summer myself and several other sex educators, therapists and reproductive healthcare staff were approached by researchers from Betty TV…



New trials of female sexual dysfunction drug (Flibanserin) will be reported this week

15th November 2009

Dr Petra

Here’s the back plot to this latest drug for female sexual dysfunction and questions you should be asking about Flibanserin.



So…..are you a sexpert?

30th October 2009

Dr Petra

On Wednesday I hosted a ‘So, you think you’re a sexpert?’ quiz at London’s Science Museum. Yesterday I posted the quiz for you to take if you couldn’t make the event. Today it’s time to see how you scored….



So you think you’re a sexpert?

29th October 2009

Dr Petra

Last night I ran a quiz ‘So you think you’re a sexpert?’ at London’s Science Museum. Why don’t you have a go at the test and rate your sexpertise?



Women! Don’t orgasm so easily

9th June 2005

Dr Petra

TweetThe genetics and orgasm story is still very much in the news. Now coverage is taking on a new spin…