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Posts from the ‘Methods’ Category

Take part in sex research

22nd January 2014

Dr Petra

TweetOne of the main questions I’m asked is ‘how can I be in a sex study?’and I’ve blogged about it…



Women, orgasm and genetics

8th June 2005

Dr Petra

TweetToday the world of sexology, particularly those working in the area of sexual dysfunction got a little upset. That’s putting…



Stop with the whats when you want the whys!

22nd March 2005

Dr Petra

TweetVirtually every story idea put to sex researchers by journalists always contains the phrase “and if you have any statistics/…



How the media gets sex stories wrong

2nd March 2005

Dr Petra

TweetPrior to Kinsey’s research the press hardly covered sex. Now we face the opposite problem. There’s lots of sex in…



Why sex research is so important

1st March 2005

Dr Petra

TweetKinsey was driven to research sex because America in the 1940s was a place of sexual repression, ignorance and fear….



Sex research since Kinsey’s day

28th February 2005

Dr Petra

TweetKinsey made the sex survey famous, and in the movie he’s shown creating, refining and completing surveys. He covered a…