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Posts from the ‘Commercialisation’ Category

Another testosterone drug trial for female sexual dysfunction launched

9th November 2012

Dr Petra

TweetRecently Trimel Pharmaceuticals have announced they are enrolling women into a drug trial to test a ‘use as required’ testosterone…



Penis Size Worries

13th February 2012

Dr Petra

An independent guide to all your penis size questions, with evidence about what’s ‘normal’ and when to worry, and tips to help you avoid being exploited into purchasing products and procedures you probably don’t need.



Responding to Channel 4 on The Joy of Teen Sex

27th June 2011

Dr Petra

TweetYou may remember earlier in the year Channel 4 ran a new series called The Joy of Teen Sex (JOTS)….



A little bit more on the medicalisation of sex

13th June 2011

Dr Petra

TweetIt’s been a while since I’ve written about medicalisation. Which seems as good an excuse as any to revisit this…



Unpacking the Bailey Review on Commercialisation and Sexualisation of Childhood

6th June 2011

Dr Petra

TweetToday sees the launch of the Bailey Review of the Commercialisation and Sexualisation of Childhood. A copy of the report…



“The Joy of Teen Sex”

19th January 2011

Dr Petra

TweetLast summer myself and several other sex educators, therapists and reproductive healthcare staff were approached by researchers from Betty TV…



The best and worst sex (and science) stories of 2010

29th December 2010

Dr Petra

TweetThis year seems to have just flown by, and what a busy one it was for research and stories about…



‘Porn Block’ – a realistic proposal from the UK government?

20th December 2010

Dr Petra

This is a somewhat lengthy post, tackling a range of issues thrown up by the proposal to restrict access to online porn



Reporting back on the ‘Science of Pulling’ – making science work for you

20th September 2010

Dr Petra

In this longer post than usual here’s a summary of the Science of Pulling event held last week, an outline of the science of dating, problems of bad science in this area, and a discussion of why we need more research in this area.



FDA advisory panel rejects Flibanserin

21st June 2010

Dr Petra

TweetLast Friday drug company Boehringer Ingelheim presented evidence to the FDA’s advisory panel on their drug Flibanserin. This product, designed…