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Posts from the ‘Health/care’ Category

24 December Seasons Greetings

24th December 2012

Dr Petra

TweetWe’ve reached the end of this Advent blog that’s been raising awareness of Hesperian Health Guides and inviting you to…



23 December Here We Come A Wassailing

23rd December 2012

Dr Petra

TweetIf you are celebrating Christmas hopefully by now you’re nearly ready for the big day and are looking forward to…



22 December Merry Christmas is my wish to you

22nd December 2012

Dr Petra

TweetWe’re nearly at the end of this Advent blogging which has all been in aid of Hesperian Health Guides. Tomorrow…



21 December Why Rudolph’s Nose Is Red

21st December 2012

Dr Petra

TweetThroughout Advent I’ve been asking you to find out about Hesperian Health Guides and consider donating to them. To recap…



20 December Let It Snow!

20th December 2012

Dr Petra

TweetAs well as creating health texts and CDs, Hesperian Health Guides also have over 10,000 health and development images you…



19 December There’s Always Tomorrow

19th December 2012

Dr Petra

TweetAll this month I’ve been talking about the brilliant work done by Hesperian Health Guides (and encouraging you to donate…



18 December Holiday Light Show

18th December 2012

Dr Petra

TweetAs well as creating health and development guides for communities worldwide, Hesperian Health Guides also collect stories from those who…



17 December Gabriel

17th December 2012

Dr Petra

TweetToday it’s International Day to End Sex Worker Violence. It aims to draw attention to the prevalence of violence and…



16 December Boas Festas

16th December 2012

Dr Petra

TweetIf you need health information you want accessible ideas you can act upon yourself – written in your own language….



15 December Little Taiko Boy

15th December 2012

Dr Petra

TweetHesperian Health Guides produce a number of resources in diverse formats and languages addressing HIV. Including HIV, Health and Your…