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23 December Here We Come A Wassailing

December 23rd, 2012

Dr Petra

If you are celebrating Christmas hopefully by now you’re nearly ready for the big day and are looking forward to spending time either relaxing on your own or with friends or family.

As you celebrate you might want to think about supporting Hesperian Health Guides and here are the ways you can do that.

You can…
* tell people about Hesperian and use their resources in your own community.
* volunteer as a translator of their books
* donate materials for them to use
* help distribute their health guides and dvds
* support their programme of providing materials for people to create their own health/development posters, flyers and books
* join the People’s Health Movement
* support their health guide apps and wikis
* volunteer to research and write health and development guides for them
* volunteer to advise on their digital strategies and programmes
* endorse and assist the Curt Kessler Fund that aims to ‘comprehensively integrate cancer into a primary healthcare manual useful for community health workers all over the world’
* encourage other health, development, aid and community workers worldwide to use Hesperians tools and resources

And of course you can DONATE to ensure their amazing work continues!

To get you in the giving spirit here’s Kate Rusby again, this time with Here We Come A Wassailing.

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