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Posts from the ‘Medicalisation’ Category

When sex is painful

13th March 2014

Dr Petra

TweetMany years ago I was asked to review a small qualitative study for a healthcare journal. It focused on women…



Another testosterone drug trial for female sexual dysfunction launched

9th November 2012

Dr Petra

TweetRecently Trimel Pharmaceuticals have announced they are enrolling women into a drug trial to test a ‘use as required’ testosterone…



In memory of John Tomlinson

30th September 2012

Dr Petra

TweetOver the summer I was saddened to learn of the death of John Tomlinson. John was an inspiration to so…



G-spot discovery, medicalization and media hype

25th April 2012

Dr Petra

TweetThis post focuses on research reported today on the discovery of the g-spot. If you are a journalist on a…



Penis Size Worries

13th February 2012

Dr Petra

An independent guide to all your penis size questions, with evidence about what’s ‘normal’ and when to worry, and tips to help you avoid being exploited into purchasing products and procedures you probably don’t need.



A tragic case of medical misconduct

8th December 2011

Dr Petra

TweetIn 2008 Alice Dogruyol representing The Spa PR Company wrote to me requesting I plug a new genital cosmetic procedure…



A little bit more on the medicalisation of sex

13th June 2011

Dr Petra

TweetIt’s been a while since I’ve written about medicalisation. Which seems as good an excuse as any to revisit this…



Provisional DSM-V available for comment – add your views now!

24th May 2011

Dr Petra

TweetYou may remember my previous post on the revisions being made to the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental…



“The Joy of Teen Sex”

19th January 2011

Dr Petra

TweetLast summer myself and several other sex educators, therapists and reproductive healthcare staff were approached by researchers from Betty TV…



Christmas Good Causes: for your consideration

22nd December 2010

Dr Petra

TweetIt’s nearly Christmas and you may have already got gifts for friends and family. But if you’re still wondering what…