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Happy New Year 2014

January 3rd, 2014

Dr Petra

The past year may have been one of success, health and happiness for you. Alternatively it may have been a difficult year marked by loss, sadness or problems in your work or home life (or both).

Every January there’s a lot of pressure in the media, and among friends and family to make resolutions or plan the ‘perfect’ year. As an antidote to short term and unrealistic aspirations I’d recommend reading the following posts by Meg Barker, Justin Hancock and Gary Wood who provide more concrete, critical and realistic ideas about making change – or staying just as you are.

Meg, Justin and Gary have also contributed to a collectively written piece for the Telegraph about planning for the year ahead (link below). They are joined by therapists Tania Glyde, Ronete Cohen and Sarah Berry; Sue Baker from the charity Time to Change; and educator Cory Silverberg. Every week, following the publication of my advice column, I invite colleagues to tell me what I got right and where I can improve. It seemed fitting to begin the year with the thoughts of those who’re the most helpful in enabling me to do better – and whose ideas and resources I draw on the most when providing advice for others.

Want happy and healthy relationships in 2014? Here’s how

If 2013 was a good year for you I wish you more of the same. If it was not what you hoped for or wanted I wish you a New Year where you’re able to feel better, stronger and more supported.

Happy 2014!

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