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Posts from the ‘Gender’ Category

When sex is painful

13th March 2014

Dr Petra

TweetMany years ago I was asked to review a small qualitative study for a healthcare journal. It focused on women…



A little bit more on the medicalisation of sex

13th June 2011

Dr Petra

TweetIt’s been a while since I’ve written about medicalisation. Which seems as good an excuse as any to revisit this…



Love Geeks? Then buy a Geek Calendar!

1st October 2010

Dr Petra

Tweet Over the past few months, geeks, scientists, writers and presenters have been mulling over how to raise more funds…



Sexual pleasure empowers women!

1st August 2010

Dr Petra

TweetThe e-journal Contestations is a cross cultural and cross disciplinary publication which tackles diverse issues around women’s health internationally. It…



“Twilight Success” – I invented that

11th November 2009

Dr Petra

Yesterday I discovered I’ve been quoted about the book/film Twilight in a Dutch newspaper. The journalist who wrote it must have been psychic, because they never interviewed me for the piece. And I can’t work out where the information they attributed to me came from. Must be the mysterious effect fictitious vampires have on the media. Read on for a creepy tale of supernatural journalism…..



So you think you’re a sexpert?

29th October 2009

Dr Petra

Last night I ran a quiz ‘So you think you’re a sexpert?’ at London’s Science Museum. Why don’t you have a go at the test and rate your sexpertise?



Viagra – ten years on – a blessing or a curse?

4th March 2008

Dr Petra

TweetToday on Woman’s Hour I joined Dr John Tomlinson to talk about the impact sex drugs have had on our…



It’s fun to stay at the YMCA

16th July 2005

Dr Petra

Tweet “Young man, there’s no need to feel down I said young man pick yourself off the ground…” Come on…



Win me some boobs!

12th July 2005

Dr Petra

TweetRecently I’ve had several calls from journalists working on stories about how women are more sexually liberated than ever before….



Brain activity is important

22nd June 2005

Dr Petra

TweetYesterday I was commenting on research that identified through brain scans when people were having an orgasm or faking. I…